• 2.4 MR - Shipping Information
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    2.4 MR - Shipping Information


For assistance shipping your boat & equipment to Sheboygan please contact one of the following:

Preferred provider:

GAC Pindar is World Sailing’s Official Logistics Partner. If you would like to speak to them about your logistics requirements, please contact them directly as follows:

Key Account Manager: Diogo Diniz 
Operations Coordinator: Luz Baldelomar 
Head Office: GAC Pindar, Medina Chambers, Town Quay, Southampton SO14 2AQ, UK
Web: www.gacpindar.com


Alternative option:

Mallory Alexander
Carol Sabo -



  •  Overall Length, Width, Height.  Mast Removed and the same dimensions for the mast. The weight of the boat and the mast.
  • Origin Point
  • Destination:  Sheboygan, WI.
  • Cargo Insurance Value
  • Would suggest 40’ HC Container  in most cases – provided you have a way to load the boat into the container and ensure it is properly blocked and braced to prevent from rolling/tipping and obviously damage.
  • The Inside Dimensions of 40’ HC Container are:  474”x92”x102”  If their dimensions are great than those – we will need to ship BreakBulk and overall it is more difficult, the same details are required.



In order for Customs to Clear the shipment – they can do a few things:

  • Have the shipment moved on an ATA Carnet (normally originated in Country of Origin) and makes Customs Clearance the simplest way to handle.  This is a Bond and acts as the US Entry Packet – well known in many countries (although not all – i.e. Brazil).
  • A Power of Attorney will be required by whomever is doing the Customs Clearance – this is a simple form, but, required legally for them to act as the Customs Broker.
  • There are more documents required, but, they depend on each individual importer and what they require and how they plan to ship their boat.  Air has their own requirements/Ocean has theirs.