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Notice of Race

With over 80 competitors expected for a week of racing on Lake Michigan as World Sailing is campaigning to bring sailing back to the Paralympics in 2024. This will be the first time the Para World Sailing Championship will be held on the Great Lakes and Sheboygan is ready to welcome you!

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 FAQ sheet - Additional Questions? email World Sailing

HOTEL Notice: As we get closer to the event, blocks of rooms will be released. Book your rooms ASAP to get the best pricing and availability.  HOTEL INFO

Competitor Registration – Select class during registration

  • Boat Classes:
    • Hansa 303 (male or female) – Chartered fleet including sails. Charter fee to be determined.
    • 2.4m OD  - Boats NOT supplied. 2.4m OD will have a limited number of chartered boats available. Competitors are encouraged to bring their own.
    • RS Venture – 2 person team – Chartered fleet including sails. Charter fee to be determined.
  • Yacht Information
    • For Hansa 303 & RS Venture classes, enter the class you will be racing in as Boat Type and NA for all other required fields regarding the boat. These are chartered fleets.
    • Only 2.4m class needs to fill out Yacht info in registration
    • Coaches if bringing own boat, fill in this info as well. Enter NA when needed.

Coach Registration –This fee does not include coach boat charter. There are limited coach boat rentals available in this part of the United States. Coaches are expected to provide their own boats or make charter arrangements on their own. The Organizers will work to create a list of possible charter opportunities but cannot guarantee availability.

  • Coaches should register separate from competitors to ensure we have your information

2.4m OD Charter - Contact Tony Pocklington, Edge Sailing Inc. USA, captiva_24@yahoo.com

QUESTIONS: Send email to: info@seasheboygan.org

VISA info

Request an invitation letter - Jennifer@seasheboygan.org

To help you determine if you are required to have a VISA or apply for a VISA please read the following:

VISA Best Practices

VISA Application Guidelines

Countries that are restricted from using B1/B2 VISAs for travel to the USA as of 7/23/2018:

Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria & Yemen.

2.4 mR - Shipping info

For assistance shipping your boat & equipment to Sheboygan please contact one of the following:

Preferred provider:

GAC Pindar is World Sailing’s Official Logistics Partner. If you would like to speak to them about your logistics requirements, please contact them directly as follows:

Key Account Manager: Diogo Diniz diogo.diniz@gac.com
Operations Coordinator: Luz Baldelomar luz.baldelomar@gac.com
Head Office: GAC Pindar, Medina Chambers, Town Quay, Southampton SO14 2AQ, UK
Email: pindar@gac.com
Web: www.gacpindar.com


Alternative option:

Mallory Alexander
Carol Sabo - carols@mallorygroup.com



  •  Overall Length, Width, Height.  Mast Removed and the same dimensions for the mast. The weight of the boat and the mast.
  • Origin Point
  • Destination:  Sheboygan, WI.
  • Cargo Insurance Value
  • Would suggest 40’ HC Container  in most cases – provided you have a way to load the boat into the container and ensure it is properly blocked and braced to prevent from rolling/tipping and obviously damage.
  • The Inside Dimensions of 40’ HC Container are:  474”x92”x102”  If their dimensions are great than those – we will need to ship BreakBulk and overall it is more difficult, the same details are required.



In order for Customs to Clear the shipment – they can do a few things:

  • Have the shipment moved on an ATA Carnet (normally originated in Country of Origin) and makes Customs Clearance the simplest way to handle.  This is a Bond and acts as the US Entry Packet – well known in many countries (although not all – i.e. Brazil).
  • A Power of Attorney will be required by whomever is doing the Customs Clearance – this is a simple form, but, required legally for them to act as the Customs Broker.
  • There are more documents required, but, they depend on each individual importer and what they require and how they plan to ship their boat.  Air has their own requirements/Ocean has theirs.